Our Innovation

Amalian is developed by an expert team of research & development scientists

All products are “Made In Germany” and meet the highest quality and safety requirements for patients and physicians.

The Comprehensive Amalian Therapy Concept that ensures good treatment results with monophasic, biphasic, crosslinked & non-crosslinked dermal fillers.

Special Characteristics

Amalian hyaluronic acid fillers are characterised by:

All amalian hyaluronic acid fillers are highly biocompatible: They are exclusively made of highly purified, protein-free hyaluronic acid obtained from bio-fermentation that is free from animal components. For this reason, no allergy test is required prior to a treatment with amalian.

All amalian hyaluronic acid filler are CE certified sterile medical devices – Made in Germany.

CIS Technology

The development of the innovative CIS Technology (Core-In-Shell) made it possible to produce hyaluronic acid products with specific characteristics that make them superior to conventional dermal fillers in many aspects.

Regardless of the high viscosity, our unique CIS technology enales the gel to distribute quickly and evenly into the skin.

How Does Our CIS Technology Work

Hyaluronic acid it’s stabilised to avoid degradation in the skin. However, this would make the material lose its water solubility, which is avoided by the core-in-shall technology. This preserves the homogeneity, water retention capacity, high structural viscosity and strong thixotropy of the hyaluronic acid. The viscoelastic parameters of the product show properties of the hydrogel such as lifting capacity, mechanical support and spread ease.