Our Difference

Natural Long-Lasting Fillers.
15 Year Quality Expertise.
Present in 50 Countries.
Health Canada Approved.

Due to the innovative technology that Amalian offers. We bring longevity in our client’s results.

We have a selection of both highly concentrated and highly crosslinked dermal fillers. This gives the injector freedom and variety of use with the product. You still get a smooth and soft product that doesn’t bring a lot of swelling.

Why Choose Amalian?

We offer a flexible pricing structure

No bulk pricing

Price fits all potential levels of injectors

The Amalian Experience

What sets us apart from other companies is our dedication to clinical coaching which includes hands-on training with each of our products by one of our certified trainers. We are also pleased to offer ongoing support and guidance to help our injectors succeed.

1 On 1

Training Provided